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Thursday, July 9, 2009

side bloggin''s been a while, eh?

I've been trying to finish up stuff at work and get things ready at home....not too successful on either front, but hubby and I will do what we can.

A couple of weeks ago the boys were weighing an estimated 6 lbs each. (Give or take a pound in either direction). I am also carrying a lot of amniotic fluid, so my belly is big, big, big.

Since everything was going so well, I decided to work this week and then take off next week (that would give me 1 week and a day 'till the C-section). I had a non-stress test (where they basically measure the babies' heartbeats and see if when they move the heartbeat goes up and then comes back down to baseline) on Monday. The babies passed with flying colors! Me? Not so much. It turns out I was having mild contractions every 2-4 minutes....uh, what?

I was instructed to see the nurse in the office (my OB is out of town). After checking my blood pressure, which was high for me , I was sent to the Labor and Delivery triage unit. (I'm so tired of that place).

After bloodwork and multiple tests, the docs thought that I may have pre-eclampsia. Oh, joy! I was admitted to the hospital, given an IV and the contractions slowed down.

I had to stay over night and through 'till Tuesday evening so that they could monitor me, my blood pressure and my urine.

Turns out I don't have pre-elampsia....yet. But I'm just below the mark on a lot of tests,'s bedrest for me. I cannot complain, however, 2 weeks of bedrest is a lot less than many people predicted that I would have. However, that means that I have to try to get a crap-load of stuff accomplished via the internet and phone. Laying on one's side and trying to type is a lot harder than it would seem.

I've been trying to keep up with your blogs as well. Perhaps, now that I have more time on my hands, I'll be better about commenting...


IVF 40+ said...

Wow, thats some ride! So please you are well.
It's amazing you are at time already. Great to read you again. Good luck with the next 2 weeks.

Sprogblogger said...

Yikes! Glad everything's ok, and can't wait to hear what the next couple of weeks brings! Thinking of you!

Riley said...

Wow - you are so close - I can't believe it. I'm glad the boys are doing so well. It's good to hear from you. Good luck resting up over the next week - you are going to have your hands full - in a very good way - soon!

WiseGuy said...

So glad that everything is OK with you, Brenda...LOLOL...I sure hope you surpass your one post a month record...

Lying on one side constantly is very tough....Am so glad that the babies will be here soon!

Good Luck to you!

BB said...

Glad to see your post Brenda!! I'm really excited for you and only wish the best. Good luck!!!

I Believe in Miracles said...

I'm so excited to hear this news and how far you've come. YEAH!!!!