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Lilypie Fourth Birthday tickers

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I love halloween!

Not because of the candy or because of the costumes, but because four years ago today I was officially pregnant.  Not that I really was, mind you.  The date of retrieval for our donor wasn't until later in November and the transfer 3 days after that.  But on all my OB records, the estimated date of conception was 10/31/2008 to conform with the "normal" pregnancy calculators.

Here are my little sprouts at 3 years old, 4 years after "conception."

J, as a cow!

A as a cow!

 My boys and Daddy at a community safe Halloween...not sure why here was construction equipment there, but they loved it.

My boys are getting so, so big!


Augusta said...

So cute!! Your sprouts are adorable!
Happy Halloween.

Michelle D said...

Adorable! Love it. They are such handsome boys :)