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Monday, January 5, 2009

ramblin' man (or woman) have you been? Me? Sleepy. And hungry.

Things have been happening in fits and starts, not unlike the buildup to an IVF cycle.

Eat well. The babies are growing. Try to relax. NOW GO TO MULTIPLE DOCTOR'S APPOINTMENTS. Now try to relax and eat well.

I did hit a few personal milestones. I will be 10 wks pregnant on Thursday, so that's a first. Actually, just being pregnant is a first, so everyday is a milestone. Also, I bought a pregnancy book. It took me 3 trips to different bookstores before I had enough courage to actually buy it. Not that I'm superstitious or anything.....

While things seem to be moving, um, undetectably, I continue to pretend that I'm probably still pregnant. I could use an ultrasound every week. Yes, that would be helpful.

In terms of who knows that I am pregnant, that is spreading a little faster than I had anticipated. One of my high school friends emailed me congratulations the other day. I had forgotten that her parents and my grandparents have morning coffee in the same place. My parents are back in my (tiny) hometown and they have run into two more of my former high school friends. My parents said that my former classmates wished me congratulations. I guess I didn't make it clear to my parents or my grandparents that although I told THEM that I was pregnant, that I wasn't ready to make announcements to distant friends yet.

I have never been in this situation before, so I don't know when I will really be ready to tell everyone. I know 3 months is the usual marker. So I am guessing I will mention it at the beginning of February. That will be almost 14 weeks.

In other baby-related news, I meet with an OB tomorrow. I want to have a very frank discussion about all of my uterine issues and pregnancy. I think if I can feel that the OB is on top of everything I'll relax a little more. Unfortunately, I STILL haven't heard back from the surgeon who declared that I "shouldn't carry twins." I understand that he should have a vacation, but this is a rather important issue. My RE (who is in the same practice as him) left him a voicemail and an email on the 23rd of December and we have not heard a peep. I contacted the nurse and she says that the surgeon has not contacted her or replied to the email. Nice.

Finally, as I ramble untill everyone quits reading, I have a message for Beth, who kindly left me a comment, like, 50 years ago. She asked if I did anything special for our donor cycle. The answer is "not really." Mostly I tried to keep myself calm and distracted as best I could. I didn't eat/not eat certain foods. Nor, did I go to an acupuncturist or massage therapist. I feel like I have enough doctors appointments as it is, so I didn't want to add more. I do, however, regularly (2x/month) a mental health therapist as I have a panic/anxiety disorder. She also has patients who are undergoing IVF, so I was encouraged to talk about that freely. That was quite helpful.

Well, that has been my 2 weeks in a nutshell. Oh, yeah, I gave my husband "Rock Band" for Christmas. I am getting really, really tired of electric guitar solos......


Mo and Will said...


so glad that things are continuing to go well for you. 10 weeks is awesome! really awesome. I understand the urge for a weekly ultrasound. I'd be right there with ya on that.

And figuring out who to tell when, sounds like the news is out there - so enjoy! we told more people our first time and the only hard thing was then having to UNtell them once we got bad news. But i'm thinking you won't have bad news :)

i think it's great that you are going to get to talk to your ob about your uterine issues. i hope that he can convince you he's on top of it.

as for the surgeon - WTF?!! He needs to get back to you, truly. Sounds like it's time for a follow-up call. Ridiculous that you haven't heard from him yet. check in tomorrow. everybody at my hospital returned to the office yesterday.

great to hear your update!! take care,


WiseGuy said...

Congratulation on your 10 week milestone.

You know, it hurts to have the news spread without you fanning it. Sometimes, people you may not have anyways told also come to know about it. After my IVF, we had couple of visitors at home, and they did come to know about what I was upto.

Whatever happened subsequently, had to be told to them, because they called up to enquire about what was happening at my end. I can't tell you, how upsetting it was.

The surgeon has not communicated back to you? How very unprofessional of him...

Anyways, have a good fun eating and sleeping. And listen to good music and make sure poor DH gets to feel the music...LOLOL!

Peeveme said...

Hi cycle twin. Glad you are still pregnant. It appears that I am still pregnant as well. I got myself a doppler to help with those moments (the constant) fear. Yea 10 weeks!

I Believe in Miracles said...

Glad to hear all is well!! Yeah!!