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Sunday, February 22, 2009

And here we are

Nothing too much to report here.

I had the amnio last Tuesday, the 17th, not the most painful thing I had been through, but still I wouldn't do it on a whim. I have also decided that I am not a "piercer." I have heard that some people get a real thrill from having piercings or tattoos. I have had more than my fair share of injections and needle pokes to know that I most certainly do not get a thrill from being pierced or poked.

We did have one humorous moment during the amino. I had two doctors in the room with me:one male and one female. The female was guiding the ultrasound to a place where the baby was not, while the male doctor was doing the poking. After the amnio for baby one, I mentioned that I was not surprised by the needle stick, but by the cramping that occured when the needle when into my uterus. The male doctor said that baby one was low in my uterus and that there tended to be more "feeling" there and it could be more painful. The female doctor turned to look straight at me and said, "I have had a few of these, and I don't care where you put the needle, it still cramps." I don't know why I thought that was so funny, but I had to supress my laughter.

No word yet on the results (we are specifically interested in baby 2 as s/he was on the upper end of normal of the nuchal lucency test (sp?). The same male doctor told us that we should have some results the next day. Again, we haven't heard anything yet. So now I refer to the the unborn as "our mutant babies" to my husband. So hopefully we have resuts soon....


Stacie said...

Did they inject dye into the needle after the first amnio? They did for me to "ensure they don't puncture the same sac twice." Anyway, the dye was blue and we called baby A a Smurf for weeks! Mutant babies-smurf, the terms of endearment start early, right?

Fingers crossed that the results come quickly with great news!

WiseGuy said...

All the best for the results...

I have no idea about amnio, so there is no specific gyan, that I can give.

Anyways...mutant babies happy!

WiseGuy said... have to have to have to check this out...

Anonymous said...

I am surprised they told you you'd get results so fast - I was told to expect a TWO WEEK WAIT! It was awful, but only took one week (thank GOD) and every thing was ok. I hope they get back to you soon and all is well, been thinking of you!

WiseGuy said...

Hi Brenda,

I searched for an e-mail id on your blog profile, but did not find any. I am pasting here details of two research papers on retroversion on IngentaConnect. I will be glad if you can get them for me, and don't worry I will still like you as much as I do, if you are not able to. :)

Published Research on Ingenta Connect – Retroversion…

The retroverted uterus: ignored to date but core to prolapse
Author: Haylen, Bernard1
Source: International Urogynecology Journal, Volume 17, Number 6, November 2006 , pp. 555-558(4)
Publisher: Springer

A standardised ultrasonic diagnosis and an accurate prevalence for the retroverted uterus in general gynaecology patients
Authors: HAYLEN, Bernard T.1; McNALLY, Glenn2; RAMSAY, Philippa3; BIRRELL, Warwick3; LOGAN, Vanessa1
Source: Australian and New Zealand Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Volume 47, Number 4, August 2007 , pp. 326-328(3)
Publisher: Blackwell Publishing;jsessionid=23huuwjoj600i.alexandra

Thank you so much for your effort. I am very well aware that I may be throwing darts into darkness here. But I need to know and find out, if there are any chances...or that I may know something more than what my doc knows.

Thank you! Take care and be good!

Anonymous said...