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Friday, February 6, 2009

Colds suck

So I've been home for the past two days with a nasty cold. I hardly ever come down with a cold and when I do, its not usually so bad. This one sucks giant donkey ba.lls. Seriously.

I made my first "I'm a silly pregnant woman and don't know what meds I can take" call to the new high risk OB that I went to on Monday. The nurse who took my call gave me some idea of the meds I can take and then pointed me to the packet of info that they gave me at my visit. I almost started laughing when she told me there was ACTUAL information in that packet.

See, I've gotten 3 packets already in this journey of pregnancy. The first one was from the IVF clinic after my positive pregnancy test. The second came from my first OB at the local practice. I was very diligent and read them as soon as I could. Put them in a safe place should I need to refer to them later. This one, not so much. I put it in my backpack (I KNOW, I'm 35 I should not still be wearing a backpack, but with my computer in it, it is just too heavy to carry on one shoulder.) I told myself that I would read it when I had some time. Unfortunately, I left it at work when I came home with the sickness and haven't been back to work to pick it up.

Besides all the coughing, sneezing, stuffy nose, etc. that has been going on, I have to say I like my new OB. (I really liked my other OB, but this guy specializes in premature births, women with multiples, and difficult cesarean sections.) After doing an initial workup with a nurse and her asst., I met with the Dr. He was exceptionally non-plussed at my medical history. In fact, he wondered why the IVF doctor would recommend a reduction when, in his words, "I have had patients that have had their uterus dismantled and completely reconstructed and they didn't have a problem with pregnancy." Nice to hear. Sorry that someone had to go through that, though.

I next meet with him after our amnio on the 17th. Hubby will be there to meet him as well.

Ugh, I would write more, but in that last paragraph, I sneezed 10 times (I counted)! I'm going to bury my head under some pillows now.


Peeveme said...

Crap. being sick when you can't take anything is awful. I hope you feel better soon.

Again, I am so happy it looks like you and your babies are going to be fine.

Riley said...

Hi - I'm new, but have been reading your blog for a while now. Sorry to hear you are sick - that sucks! I hope you feel better soon, but it's good to hear that you like your new OB. His comments seem very reassuring, so that's great news.

Stacie said...

Aw. I hope that the cold passes quickly and that you are feeling better soon.

Your new OB sounds wonderful! It is so nice that he feels confident about your pregnancy!

Sending positive vibes for the 17th. Will you be fast tracking the results?


WiseGuy said...

Colds definetely suck! I hope you are over it now!

Good that you like your new OB! Trust is the cornerstone of positive relationship with your doctor, and it is both the technical as well as the human skill of the doctor that lays the foundation for the trust!

Be good, sweetie! I am so happy for you!

sue said...