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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

had to share

So I am feeling better, relatively. I still get very nauseated, but I haven't thrown up since last Wednesday, so I am thankful for that.

I have an U/S appt this afternoon, which makes me quite nervous for many reasons. First, hubby and I get to see if we are still having twins. (I mentioned before that the radiologist was unimpressed with the second twin.) Then we meet with our RE.

I am feeling a heated discussion between hubby and the RE if I'm eating for three. Not that it is her fault, but hubby is still really annoyed that the surgeon of the practice told him that I shouldn't carry twins, but we were given the option to transfer two anyway. (And I decided to take the risk.) This is despite the fact that my hubby spoke to our nurse 3 days before the transfer about whether a concern about carrying twins was written down in the medical file, and she said "not to worry, all would be handled on the day of transfer." She basically blew him off.

This is all very sticky, as the surgeon mentioned this to hubby, but not to me (or if he did, I was so out of it, I don't remember). AND the surgeon never put it in our medical records, thus why we were given the option of transferring two. The only note in my file is that I should deliver by 36 weeks. This I do remember him telling me--easier to do as it was 3 weeks after the surgery and I was no longer taking pain killers.

Hubby's main concern is that my uterus is not going to be able to handle the strain of two babies and that a tragedy will occur.

You may wonder how I feel. Well, I don't really know how I feel. If I have been given the gift of two babies at once, then I want to embrace that. However, I am scared. Yep, I will finally admit that. EVEN THOUGH it was at my insistence that Hubby agreed to transfer two, I am scared that my uterus will rupture leaving us with no babies and likely no uterus. Of course, every night I'm also worried that I am no longer pregnant. Or I worry about how we're going to be as parents. Or how much lead is in our apartment...Or.....

So we shall look ahead to 1:30 when I will be having a lovely encounter with an ultrasound machine to see what we have before us.

Strangely, I feel like I am only carrying one and this will be a moot point that I will fuss over at a later time.

What a terribly rambling post. Sorry for that. I'm feeling a little jumbled right now.

If you have made it all the way to the end here, then I feel that I should leave you with a phase that someone Go.ogled and found my blog with: "is it possible to steal a woman's egg during an gyn exam."

I am going to laugh about that all day! Ah, if it were only that easy to get donor eggs.... :)


Stacie said...

Glad you are feeling better. Hope you have a good time watching your bean(s) on the screen today!

Mo and Will said...

Brenda - So many things to think about! It's so difficult in pregnancy not to get caught up in the worry about all the unkowns. And it sounds like you have more significant worries than most. I hope you can get some good answers from your RE. And I hope that the u/s shows the results that you are hoping for.


Lisa DG said...

Looking forward to the u/s results...