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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Throwing up at work is less fun than anticipated

I had been threatening to do this for the past three days, but on Friday I finally did the deed. Luckily there was no one in the bathroom with me. I don't really feel like trying to make an excuse for that one.

I also want to update the u/s results :)

Here it is w/ comments:

STATUS: Alive (me? or what they are looking at???)
NUMBER: Twin (I hate to quibble, but "twin" isn't a number....)
UTERUS: Fibroid (should read fibroids--I have a couple of them near my cervix)
OVARIES: Right normal, Left not seen ("normal" hahahahhahahahhahaaaa!)
INDICATIONS: Infertility, now pregnant; Advanced maternal age (gee, thanks for slapping that on there.....)

COMMENTS/SUMMARY: Two intrauterine gestational sacs with yolk sacs and embryonic heartbeats seen. 1/2 maternal right. 2/2 maternal left. The second sac is smaller with cloudy amniotic fluid, which is a negative prognosis.

FETAL HEART RATE (#1): 107 beats per minute
FETAL HEART RATE (#2): 105 beats per minute

The radiologist seemed to want to give her condolences about the second embryo. She kept saying that this didn't looked good, but "you never know."

The nurse upstairs was aghast that the radiologist would even put "negative prognosis." " What does she know? She cannot tell the future!" And then she went on to talk about how some Dr. at another clinic told her friend that her embryos for transfer looked ugly and that now she has two beautiful daughters. I wanted to say something about how the beauty of 8 cells does not reflect very much on the beauty of millions and millions of cells, but I refrained.

Hubby and I are very happy and are not worried about the second little one. We have worries about carrying twins. Whatever happens, we will work with it. All we want are healthy baby/ies.

The next u/s is on 8/23. The nurse said that they normally wait two full weeks, but since that will be the day after Christmas, she thought that it would be nice to know something before then. That was very kind of her. I think that she was trying to give us quicker info on the fate of the second little one. We also meet with the RE after the ultrasound. The nurse already talked to us about finding an OB.

Dang! This is the fastest/slowest/strangest rollercoaster ride I have ever been on.


musicmakermomma said...

Yay! You're really pregnant! Isn't it crazy how nothing actually turns out as planned though? Sorry the one is not stellar, but glad the other is looking great. I guess you will know much more 12/23 (I'm assuming you didn't really mean August).

Sorry you are having the morning sickness, try real ginger ale. Also I had some luck with those wrist bands people use for travel sickness. Good luck!

Mermaid said...

Yay - twins! Congratulations, that's fantastic. It is scary to think about carrying two, but we've convinced ourselves it will be just fine. Plus, double everything - including morning sickness!

sprogblogger said...

Yay! Sorry about the morning sickness, but supposedly, that's a really good sign. Not fun, but good.

And it sounds like you have the right attitude with this - and that you have a great, understanding nurse. Three cheers for nurses who actually make our lives easier by understanding what we're going through!

Keeping all of you in my thoughts!

Dora said...

Ugh, throwing up in the office bathroom. I'm anticipating that special joy.

Sounds like the u/s went well. Exciting!

Mo and Will said...

Sorry you're feeling blechy. but this is so exciting! thanks for the update!


I Believe in Miracles said...

Ugh. At least you have symptoms right??? I hear saltines and frozen grapes are good for those.
Come on twin 2!!

Steel Magnolia said...

I am sooo jealous of your morning sickness right now, although it really doesn't sound fun.... Congratulations! So happy for you!