Lilypie Fourth Birthday tickers

Lilypie Fourth Birthday tickers

Our Journey

April 1998: Marry my best friend.

August 1998:
I start grad school.

Fall 2002:
Hubby decides to go back to school to finish his bachelors degree. We move in with his mom.

Diagnosed with fibroids and an ovarian cyst. Laparotomy reveals serious endometriosis. Cyst comes out. Fibroids stay....just in case removing them "affects my fertility." Hahahahahahahahaha!

September 2005: The hubby and I finish all our schooling, we move out of his mother's house and begin eagerly on our family planning!

2006: No luck on the pregnancy front. Let the barrage of testing come! Recommendation: surgery to remove the fibroids and then see what modern science can do for me. Results: my reproductive organs are a chance of getting pregnant w/o IVF.

April 2007: Start with IVF #1. They have had "good results" with women with high FSH.

May 2007: IVF #1 cancelled due to poor response. Devastation ensues.

July 2007: IVF #2. It's on baby! I stimulate. I make follicles (8). They harvest 6 eggs! Four fertilize! Two make it to a three day transfer. End result: BFN.

September 2007: IVF #3 cancelled due to poor response.

Oct.-Dec. 2007: "Big Talk" with IVF doctor about what's next. Get donor egg talk. Husband and I go speak with social worker at fertility clinic. After much crying, reading and praying, we decide to try for a pregnancy with donor eggs. Routine test show that I have ANOTHER FIBROID that must be removed.

March 2008: Laparoscopic surgery to remove the elusive fibroid. LOTS of time for recovery and mental health therapy.....

May 2008: Pick donor.

June 2008: Get the OK from the doctor to start with donor egg procedure.

June-Mid-October 2008: the longest time ever to test everyone....

Mid-Oct 2008: It's a go! Everyone passed all of the tests. Start with lupron and birth control pills.

November 2008: Donor stimulates VERY well. 2-8 cell embryos are transfered. Result: BFP! with twins! After some initial drama, I think we are on our way.....

December 2008: holy crud we are pregnant....with twins!  Doctor says that we should reduce because of the risk of uterine failure due to the stress of carrying twins.  We are devastated....

January -February 2009: after consultation with multiple specialists, we get a split decision: 2 for a reduction, 2 against.  Since there is no hard evidence to support a reduction (just a gut feeling on the doctors parts), we decide to carry the twins and pray for the best.

February-July 2009: besides being sick as a dog the whole time, I have a completely uneventful pregnancy.  The super supportive OB declares that I was "made to carry twins." Oh, the irony compared to just a few months ago!

July 12, 2009: deliver J and A via C-section at 36 1/2 weeks.  Each weigh almost 6 1/2 pounds.  A is admitted to the NICU following delivery for 36 hours because he thinks that breathing regularly is highly overrated.  His brother, J, stays with us in the room for the 4 days in the hospital.  Not to be outdone by this brother, however, he is admitted just as we were about to be discharged to the NICU for 'apnea of prematurity,' a condition that they did not detect until he had to face the dreaded car seat challenge test.

July 15, 2009: my parents arrive and Mom starts to get ready help me with the boys.

July 28ish, 2009: J comes home.

End of Sept. 2009: Mom leaves and Mother-in-law moves in with us to act as Nanny to the boys as I prepare to go back to work.