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Lilypie Fourth Birthday tickers

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Boy, oh boy!

So we had the level II ultrasound yesterday AND got the amnio results (they may have been lost somewhere in the system, but our doctor's assistant was able to dig them up).

The results:

Two healthy babies: all chromosomes accounted for, no extra ones. And, both babies are BOYS :)

Hubby and I had secretly been hoping for one girl and one boy, but really, we are just grateful and overjoyed that I'm actually pregnant and that this pregnancy seems to be going well.

Both babies are kicking in a way that I can feel them and I am so excited by that! However, the other day I had a graduate student ask me if I could feel them kicking and what it felt like. When I replied, she responded that having something move in you was "gross."

After wanting to slap her upside of her head, I replied that if you knew you had a child in you, you wouldn't think it was gross. This has been something I had been hoping to feel for years, and I was reminded about how so many people take their fertility for granted.

So, no more Dr's appts for me for the next 4 weeks! I'll just keep praying that things keep moving in a positive direction :)