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Lilypie Fourth Birthday tickers

Thursday, July 12, 2012

3 years ago today...

Three years ago today.  Wow, three years ago today my sons A and J came into this world.  It's a day that utterly and incomprehensibly changed my life for the better.  How could have been three years already?  And how could it only have been three years?

The boys are so big now.  Talking all the time--most of it understandable.

They can do so many things now.  Things I love, like singing and asking for what they want.  And thinks I don't like so much, like opening the refrigerator door and opening the sliding glass door (including undoing the lock).

Besides the amazing explosion of speech in this past year (they were only saying a couple of words by their 2nd birthday), their empathy for others has increased exponentially.  They want their boo-boos kissed and they want to kiss your boo boos as well.  A picture of a dinosaur in one of their books may be sad, and I'll ask why: J will answer matter-of-factly, "It's 'cause he misses his Mommy 'n Daddy."

Maybe because they are twins, until recently they seemed to be so aggressively fighting for their independence.  Now, they WANT to hold hands with us when we cross the road.  Sometimes they get so overcome with joy that they have to spontaneously hug us. My boys have such strong personalities and are so active, that it always seemed like they wanted to run, jump or roughhouse rather than dole out kisses and hugs.  Now they find time for both.

I'm so proud of my big boys.  I love them so much.  No other people on this planet can cause me to swell with such joy when I see them, or lead to such exasperation when they misbehave.

My toe-headded cherub A and my sweet, giggly-boy J, Mommy loves you so very much.


Suzanne said...

Happy Birthday!

Augusta said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful boys. Sounds like life at 3 is pretty fantastic. It must be so amazing to think back to the day when they were the mere hope in your heart. And now they open patio doors and kiss your booboos.

Michelle D said...

Happy Birthday!! How fun and exciting to be 3 years into it and realize there is a lifetime to go. Reading about your experience with them gives me things to look forward to. Hope you are all enjoying a wonderful day :)

St Elsewhere said...

Happy Birthday, A and J!

Can you believe how much time has passed...I remember reading your pregnancy updates, that whole doctor drama of how he said that one kid rather than twin pregnancy for you when you were already expecting twins, and all that...seems like yesterday!

Glad for all the new things they are blessings are with them!

Lea said...

Happy Birthday boys!

Dora said...

Wow! THREE! So hard to believe. Happy birthday, boys!