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Thursday, May 28, 2009


So last Monday I went to the OB.  I just had an ultrasound and the estimated fetal weights of the boys were about 3.5 pounds each--in the low to mid 90s in terms of percentiles.  BIG babies!  I got the  results of my glucose tolerance test (all fine), my blood pressure (a respectable 118/70) and my protein in the urine test (all fine).  So the doctor announces to me, "Wow. You aren't having any of the problems we look for in women carrying twins.  You were made to carry twins."

I almost fell off of the exam table.  Only 4 months ago 2 of the 4 doctors I spoke with, including one in my OB's practice, was suggesting a fetal reduction.   

Not that any of us could have predicted the future.  But wow.  

I can only hope that things keep going well, although my stress is decreasing with regard as to whether the babies will survive to "what the heck do I know about raising children."

Also, my perception of pregnancy is changing.  I am shifting from "oh, thank you, thank you I am still pregnant" to "OK, how many weeks until the C-section?"  

I have been battling a recurrent bladder infection.  Unfortunately, I don't have all the classical symptoms of a bladder infection (i.e. that burning sensation).  My typical bladder infection involves nausea, frequent urges to pee, generally feeling poorly and being really, really worn out.  Not too unlike being pregnant. So I'm not sure how long I've actually had this bladder infection.  I am thinking for at least 2 or so weeks.  Not that delivering the babies will prevent me from getting a bladder infection, but I think that maybe I will recognize it sooner.  Kindly, a call to the OB's office led to a prescription for an antibiotic without having to go in that night for a urine sample.  I did have to go in later though, as they just MUST have my pee.

In other symptoms (complaints), I am having trouble sleeping, although I am so exhausted.  I also have alarming heartburn. Heartburn to the point that the acidic taste can actually make me throw up.  Thank goodness that Zan.tac was invented.  Otherwise, I would have to just eat chalk all day or something similar.  

Well, that's all the complaining that I have on tap for today.  I have some other things that I will hopefully get around to sharing with ya'll when I next post.  Nothing too spectacular; just what's happening in my little world.

7 comments: said...

Dear Brenda, it is the awesomesta news....I have been with your blog atleast before all the reduction talk happened...And I remember the huge hoopla that went into it..

I am so glad that the babies are so healthily beyond that stage! Almost miraculous....What is your EDD, btw?

Hoping for everything to stay healthy....have the doctors prescribed anything for your acidity....

Wish I could be helpful in suggesting something for that, but can't!

Hoping that yous post about the other things too!

Good Luck!

Future Hot Momma via Egg Donor IVF said...
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Future Hot Momma via Egg Donor IVF said...

Hi, I found your blog thru a mutual blogger pal. I love your story. Congratulations! It's so nice to see that this can really work, gives me...hope ;)

I started my first IVF cycle with donor eggs in March and just transferred 2 beautiful blasts on Tuesday. I'm in the lovely tww phase :/

Again, congrats it's amazing :) I will add you to my fav blogs !!

Riley said...

Wow - I am so glad that everything is going so well with your pregnancy. Imagine that - you are made to carry twins - amazing!! I remember reading all about all your worries and all the decisions that had to be made when you first found out you were carrying twins. I am so, so happy everything is working out perfectly -as far as that goes. Good luck with the bladder infection and other issues. Hang in there - your boys will be here soon! And thanks again for your support - I am in a calm place for now but I know how quickly that can change!

Peeveme said...

Wow, they are doing rally great! I'm glad you complaints are minor and that are enjoying being pregnant.

Musicmakermomma said...

SO amazing they said that about the twins! I'm glad you persisted through all the bs, they are a miracle.

Hard to believe I could have been 30 weeks now, but I'm really happy for you. My new goal is to get knocked up before you give birth! So hold off ok? Good luck with all your symptoms, hang in there!

Anonymous said...