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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Long over due update

Hi, yes, I'm still here if you are still reading.

I thought I would get back into blogging slowly by just starting a "365 days of grace" post. I've been so terribly grumpy, I need it. So here goes.

1. Cooler weather. Although I hate to see the rain, it is nice to have a break from the warmer temperatures. I can't wait to see the leaves change.

2. Baby oragel. Children waking up at 3:45am that can't go back to sleep, but are soothed by the numbing gel....nice.

3. A. loves books. Every morning when I get up with them and in the eve when I come home, he brings me a book to read him. Granted I am getting really tired of reading the same book over and over. Just yesterday, J. started to bring books to me as well!

4. Flu shot clinics. There is a clinic tonight at the pediatrician's office for parents and kids. Since we plan to go to Fl near the end of Oct, I want to get them their flu shots a few weeks before we get on the plane. I got them their first flu shots last winter, so this year they only need one shot each!

5. Supportive husbands. Although my Mother in law generally gripes when she finds out that the kids are getting shots (she is fairly anti-immunization), my hubby said that he backs me up all the way on this and if MIL grouses when she finds out that we are taking them to get their shots, he will step in if need be :) However, I feel pretty confident that I can handle it. My kids, my decision, end of conversation.


Dora said...

New pictures, please!

Funny, I just used the baby oragel tonight to get Sunshine to sleep. It was WAAAAAY past her bedtime, and she kept falling asleep and waking up a few minutes later. The last time she woke up she really seemed in pain. Didn't want to wait for the baby motrin to kick in, so rubbed on the oragel. She got such a surprised look on her face! Like, this tastes funny, but not necessarily bad ... and OH, I'm not so ouchy!

And HELL YES to the flu shot. Babies/toddlers die from the flu. The flu shot is a no brainer for Sunshine and for me. said...

Ha, finally! You are back on right?

Your MIL is 'anti-immunization'? Why?

Yes, Supportive husbands are really super, and a weather that gives us a break from the extremeness of the previous is such a welcome change.

Hoping to see more of you here!