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Lilypie Fourth Birthday tickers

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sept 29, 2010

1. Supportive/funny husbands: I've starting applying for jobs now and last week sent in two applications. However, I got notices that they were going to "go in another direction" this morning. I emailed my husband to tell him the news and he sent me a pep talk to make me feel better. Then he sent me this

which was good for a laugh!

2. The flu shot clinic last night was packed, but the kids, my husband and I are all immunized for this year! My mother in law started to say something, but we were not in the mood, and she kept her mouth zipped!

3. The kids mostly slept until 6am today. (Although J did get up for his middle of the night snuggle fest with mom.

4. Burritos for lunch--enough said!!

2 comments: said...

Well, I am yet to taste a burrito...but by the way my bro patronizes it, it has to be yum!

The t-shirt was funny...whining does take you places...

Yay for immunization! said...

Just wanted to poke a finger! *Wakey Wakey*