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Monday, November 17, 2008

And here I sit

So the transfer was on Sunday and my clinic wants me to be a couch potato for two days. So here I sit, looking for something interesting to do.

It has been easier to sit on my rump today than I thought. That's not because normally I am an active, energetic person and to sit down all day would drive me crazy. No, no, not at all. Normally if I am at home from work, I tend to have panic attacks. Yes, weird I know.

However, today I am just sort of taking it easy.

The clinic called and said that my progesterone and estradiol levels were good (they did my bloodwork yesterday). I also asked if there was any word on how many embryos they were able to freeze. [my clinic seems a little out of the norm in that they freeze away at day 3, according to the doctor in charge yesterday.] The nurse replies that she hasn't gotten word of any freezing, so that probably means that there weren't any to freeze away.

Ahhhh, what?? Twenty-one eggs fertilized, I get two, and there are none to freeze away?

"Or," she quickly replies, "they just haven't sent me the information yet."

Ok, whew. So perhaps later we will get some good news.

Oh, speaking of later (and hopefully good news), my beta is set for Dec 1. What day is that....let's see....a Monday.

Oh crap. I just realized that I am scheduled to give a presentation at work on that Thursday. Great. I am either going to be really happy or really sad. This should be fun.

Ok, I'll quit rambling now......


musicmakermomma said...

Hey there, glad you are taking it easy today! I am officially off meds now so I can celebrate (in a melancoly way) too! I am happy you weren't "weirded out" by my little dedication - I just thought it was so cool that I was playing right during the transfer. Hopefully that will bring you luck! Have a good wait, watch crap tv and do crosswords or catch up on blogland!

battynurse said...

Good luck. I hope the days of sitting around go well and that the TWW goes quickly.