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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Cycle update

First, I want to say a special thank you to everyone who left comments about meeting our donor. I was thinking along the same lines as you, and it was nice to get some verification :) .

I really liked the comment asking her what she would like the child to know about her. I hope that doesn't sound like too invasive of a question. She seems really laid back and understanding. When we signed the contract, we had asked specifically if she would be willing to meet any children resulting from egg donation when they turned 18. She agreed. She also agreed to be contacted in case of a medical emergency that would require a genetic relative. Perhaps she is so understanding because she has two children of her own.....I'm not sure, but I do feel more relaxed about meeting her and I thank all of you for that.

In a cycle update, our donor went in for her baseline on Tuesday the 4th. All went well and she started her stim meds! She goes back in Monday for bloodwork and an ultrasound. I think that this puts the estimated retrieval around Nov 15/16. That would be THIS COMING WEEKEND!! After all this waiting.....I can't think too far ahead in the future, though. It just becomes too overwhelming, too ripe with possibilites and potential sadness. I am just trying to look ahead to the next hurtle. For me, that will be meeting her this Sunday.

I'll let you know how it goes....

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