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Friday, November 21, 2008

Patiently far

So today is 5dp 3dt. I have been analyzing all body signs for possible pregnancy symptoms. Of course, I've never ACTUALLY BEEN pregnant, so I am not entirely sure what I would feel like. However, if pregnancy makes you get a really awful case of the "trots" after eating a large Caesar salad for lunch, then I must be pregnant. Seriously, how horrible is it to have an upset stomach at work? It's not like you have any privacy. And it becomes a little weird when to run, clutching your abdomen, to the restroom. What, too much information? Sorry :)

However on the pregnancy symptoms front, I am interested in what you guys think. Most women, I'm guessing, would never have a clue that they were pregnant until they missed their period. Does it seem fruitless that we (including me) analyze every twinge, tweak and pain that we have? Do you think the PIO amplifies any symptoms? Or does the loss (or lessening) of our fertility heighten our other senses to the point that we can spot pregnancy symptoms long before the average fertile woman?

My symptoms? Well, I thought you'd never ask! Well, yesterday I was crampy off and on all day. My boobs are also so sore that I have to wear a bra to bed, because if I don't, when I turn over it feels like I am heaving 5 extra pounds of pummeled meat across my body.....what? Too much information again?? Sigh.


musicmakermomma said...

Yay for early symptoms! Who knows if they are real, at least it gives you something to do during the 2ww. Honestly I don't think I had a clue I was pg the first time (the normal time) til I was about a month into it. But everyone is different. I think the PIO absolutely makes your body exhibit pg type signs, along with all the other drugs you are on. So feel every twinge and cramp, notice that things smell differently, food tastes weird and parts of your body are swelling. Hopefully it will all be because you get a BFP next week!

DE Mommy said...

The "trots" have been an early sign for me.

And then there's the constipation that follows.

The sore boobs are also a big sign.

are you going to test at home?!

Fingers crossed!

Brenda said...

I have a strong urge to test at home. I would like to have some sort of idea before I go in for the blood test on Dec 1.

chicklet said...

I've never been pregnant either but your boobs being that sore could be something. It's so hard though, I think in every wait I find ways to think my symptoms are bigger than they are so here's hoping yours are real symptoms.

Dora said...
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Dora said...

(typo above)

As MMM said, progesterone mimics pg symptoms. Early pg and pms feel similar, too. (I.e., sore boobs.) I know nothing can keep you from obsessing. I'm sure I will, too. You'll know when you know. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

Anonymous said...

PIO can affect symptoms, but I don't think it makes your boobs that sore. And indigestion can be an early sign, too. Sounding very, very good so far! Fingers crossed for you!!

kirke said...

My friend (mother of three) always teases me when I obsess over early pg symptoms. She says, "How would you ever know?" And I have to remind her that I know a lot of things courtesy of the constant u/s, bloodwork and re visits.

Here's hoping all those signs stick around for a while! Except for maybe the trots...that one's not so fun...


Not on Fire said...

For me it was that I could see large veins in my breast that were not there before. I hope that this does not make you crazy.

Peeveme said...

I know I'm party pooper but I do not believe in symptoms this early (generally) but I am always in the mood for a good poop story.

In the past I have had no symptoms other than once I was a little more hungry than normal starting at about 10-111dpo. Don't know if it was "real" or just the progesterone.

I gotta say that this cycle I have had some "pitching" for the past few days. But since I am the Grinch of early pregnancy symptoms I am not counting it. But it's there.

I think the earliest a HPT will pick up HCG would be about 8-9DPO (from the day of ER). I tested at 10dpo. In the past I have waited until 13dpo.

OK cycle twin. Wishing you the best and looking for your update!

Cara said...

I was a crazy analyzer too. But, bra to bed...that seems like it might just speak for itself!!!

Glad to click over for ILCW and will come back to check in a few days!