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Friday, November 28, 2008

Dark Days

I don't think I will ever get used to Fall/Winter in New England. During the peak of winter, the sun will set at about 4:30pm. That is so weird. Growing up in Florida, I remember thinking that when the sun went down at 6, that was horribly early. Of course, I also thought it got cold in the winter. My, how perceptions change. Last year, when Hubby and I went down to Florida for Christmas, I packed long sleeved shirts. My hubby? Short sleeved shirts. I thought he was crazy. Turns out I was the crazy one. Crazy and hot.

Besides the darkening days, I am pleased to report that my pregnancy test lines are getting darker as well. Yay! But, as nothing can be straightforward with me, I am also bleeding. Although I know about 'implantation bleeding', I still don't like it. It's not like the bleeding comes with a little card that says "don't worry, this is implantation bleeding," although that would be nice. But since I would be even more freaked out by a small card written in blood, it'll be just a wait and see kind of game. I'm amazingly not freaked out by it, though. If it doesn't lighten up soon, however, I am going to start to worry.

The next goal is for Monday. The beta. And then the beta after that. Small hurtles. Just worry about the next thing on the list.

I don't feel terribly unfunny, but this sounds like such a somber post. So, to lighten the mood I leave you with a picture of my first child:

His name is Max. Isn't he handsome? :)


DE Mommy said...

The bleeding sucks, doesn't it.

I have some information that I hope will comfort you as much as possible.

The bleeding is *not* your lining trying to shed. As long as you have a line on your HPT, your body knows you are pg and has absolutely no intention of shedding your lining and miscarrying. I've had several miscarriages and although I've spotted on a couple of them, my body was absolutely convinced I was still pg even though my babies were gone. Even after the D&E's, my body still thought everything was hunky dory until the HCG became 0, the hpts were blank and I immediately started my period.

So, yes, it is implantation bleeding and I am not stupid enough to think that makes you feel fine, but I hope it makes you feel better.

Also, I'm thrilled to have found this:

Also, in the research I've seen in the med journals, spotting/bleeding after IVF is quite common and normal.

So hang in there. Darker lines are great!!!

WiseGuy said...

Max sure is handsome! And all the best for everything! DE Mommy made a beautiful comment and I am not that experienced in implantation bleeding.

Mo and Will said...


Hang in there - it sounds promising that you're showing a positive on the pregnancy test. The bleeding is maddening tho, I know. Please post and let us know your beta results on Monday. Will be following closely : )


Smiling said...

Sorry about the dark days and the bleeding. I remember well the dark days of New England and how strange it can be for darkness to settle before the masses leave work for the day. So strange.

DE Mommy said...
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